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What is a Hammam?

The Hammam is an incredibly important part of Moroccan culture and life. Men, women and children will visit their local Hammam at least once a week, and spend two or three hours there (sometimes even longer!!), catching up on gossip with their friends, and following the long rituals for cleansing their bodies until their skin glows. Having a Hammam is a wonderful experience that should not be missed, not only will it cleanse your entire body it leaves your skin glowing and revitalized.

Our trained Masseuses will first take you into our changing area where you will leave your clothes in Lockers provided you will be taken into our into steam rooms where they will scrub your body with our special Mororocan soap called Sabon Beldi a unique black soap that is used to exfoliate your whole body and in turn removes all the dead skin layers leaving your whole body vitalized and glowing, it improves your skin texture, they then wash your hair & scalp with the soap which will leave your hair incredible conditioned and helps to achieve strong healthy hair.


Our massage oil is formulated exclusively with ingredients derived from Argon oil and plants. It relieves stress and fatigue, helps improve your skin texture this massage will leave you feeling totally relaxed and nourishes the skin intensively. It helps alleviate muscle pains, rheumatism, and other back pains. Our trained masseuses will discuss any problems you may have with your body and ensure you have the correct pressure for your massage.

All products used are available for purchase before you leave if you wish.


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